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Cellular lightweight Compact design mixer tank 2000L supplier for foam concrete machine for Horizontal floor heightening WM2000 lightweight concrete mixer includes feeding system- t rack and h opper, foaming system- f oam g enerator, mixing system- f oam c oncrete m ixer, controlling system- c ontrol p anel and storing system- s totage t

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Foam concrete, also known as Lightweight Cellular Concrete (LCC), Low-Density Cellular Concrete (LDCC), discrete, foamed concrete, foam create, cellular lightweight concrete or reduced density concrete, is defined as a cement-based slurry, with a minimum of (per volume) foam entrained into the plastic

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fully automatic foam concrete machine for roof, floor and road cast in place includes a screw conveyor, 2 concrete mixers, a foam generator and a hose pump, adopting Automatic PLC Inligent Control System, High-Definition Inligent Touch Screen Operation, Can Exactly Adjust The Density Of Foam

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and ASTM C 9 Specification for Foaming Agents Used in Making Preformed Foam for Cellular Cellular Concrete is used in variable applications with densities ranging from 20-pcf to 110-pcf. Usually if the unit weight is lower than 70-pcf, cellular concrete does not use conventional aggregates. Because of this


Light weight concrete is a mixture of cement, water and special foam, which produces a strong a lightweight building material combining good mechanical strength with low thermal conductivity. In Europe and western countries it is used primarily to reduce the weight of the concrete

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foam generator is an airtight container, used to mix air, foam agent and water. The foam maker includes an air compressor. Because it needs high pressure air to make the materials well blended, then produce

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Established in the year 2020 at Mumbai, Maharashtra, we Infinite Foam Concrete Private are a Private Limited based firm, engaged as the Manufacturer Service Provider of Foam Concrete Service, Lightweight Concrete Service and Insulation Concrete Service.The products which are manufacture are widely appreciated by our clients for their astonishing finish, perfect

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Cellular concrete is a mixture of cement, water, and preformed foam. The purpose of the foam is to supply a mechanism by which a relatively high proportion of stable air voids can be induced into the mixture and produce a cellular or porous solid upon curing of the mixture. When cellular concrete hardens, it has an oven-dry density of 50 (.8

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With the price of asphalt rising despite lower crude oil prices, a contractor told us he may enter the roofing business by providing cellular concrete.What is cellular Can it be made in a concrete ACI defines low-density cellular concrete as a material made with hydraulic cement, water, and preformed-foam.When it hardens, the concrete has an oven

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If the patent is proven true, the origins of cellular concrete could be traced back to before 1923. Unfortunay, the actual origins remain unconfirmed. It has also been widely believed that cellular concrete was developed in Germany in the 1940s. We do know it was brought to the United States in the 1950s as a lightweight floor leveling

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Cellular concrete is a carefully crafted mixture of cement, water and pre-formed foam. This material is mixed to a specified density and pumped into any void. The fundamentals are simple, but the applications and the ability to mix properly and at high production rates can be

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aerated lightweight concrete is created by inclusion of a multitude of micro air bubbles in a cement based mixture. This is achieved by mixing the concentrated Foaming Chemical with water and compressed air, generating foam therefrom. The Foam Generator is used to inject the foam directly into the concrete mixer which completes the

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1. Introduction. Foamed concrete is defined as a light cellular concrete which can be classified as a lightweight concrete (density of 3) with random air-voids created from the mixture of foam agents in mortar.Foamed concrete is recognized for its high flowability, low cement content, low aggregate usage , , , and excellent thermal insulation

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most suitable material is Foam Concrete (FC), also known as Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC). This foam concrete consists of a mixture of sand, cement and water, to which millions of very small air bubbles are added to form a cellular structure. This results in a significantly lighter concrete than normal dense concrete. Foam concrete

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for Lightweight Concrete. Fernando Martinez Lewels has a M.S.C.E degree from the University of Texas at El Paso. He is now working with the Agartif company in Chihuahua, Mexico (about 170 miles from El Paso

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2 can also be classified according to the purpose for which it is to be it can distinguish between structural lightweight concrete (ASTM C 330-82a), concrete used in masonry units (ASTM C 331-81), and insulating concrete (ASTM C


The basic design for lightweight concrete is covered in Eurocode 2 Part 1-1, with section 11 having particular rules required for lightweight aggregate concretes. Concrete is considered to be lightweight is the density is not more than 3 (the density of normal weight concrete is assumed to be between 3 and 3 ) and a

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Concrete Masonry Blocks. Amongst a range of lightweight masonry blocks which can be produced from foamed concrete, our KIBLOK patented worldwide is probably the most interesting product.. KIBLOK is a mortarless, interlocking lightweight block which saves on construction time, which can be produced in various densities. It features high